Tips for a Greener, Healthier Workplace

By being eco-conscious, your office can save energy, time and the environment! It’s mutually beneficial… use your green sense and the dollar savings will follow. Remember small actions can make a big difference! Consistently reducing the amount of energy, water, and paper our businesses use can make a huge impact.

We understand one of the most difficult tasks in achieving a greener and more resource efficient workplace is changing inherent patterns or attitudes in each and every one of the people who enters your building. Because it is the direct grand collective impact of our actions in regards to resource usage and consumption that will determine the future of the Earth’s environment. Creating awareness and eco-consciousness is a critical first step in this.

Adopting green alternatives to your company’s air-conditioning, lighting, water usage and transport systems could save lots of energy and money too. Here are our key suggestions for general uses:

Maintenance and Green Building

1. Turn up the air con one or two degrees. Each 1-degree increase for an eight-hour period reduces your fuel bill percent, saving money, and cutting down on electricity usage.

2. If you can, install ceiling fans to cool down your building without overusing the A/C.

3. Strategically windows will provide natural light and may help with heating or cooling costs.

4. Switch to eco-friendly light bulbs that save money and electricity, turn out lights when they’re not being used, especially in conference and training rooms.

5. Switch to safe cleaning products, services, operational planning and practices – Green Cleaners! ☺

6. Buy furniture made of eco-friendly items. Support local furnishers and companies that use environmentally-sound and humane methods for manufacturing these goods.

7. Buy supplies from local businesses.

8. Ensure that your building is properly insulated and fix any water leaks to cut down on wasted electricity and water, which also saves money.

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