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Contact Name:
1. My Occupation
Housewife Full time employment Part time employment Other
2.   Number of people in my household
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
3.   Pet owner?
Yes No
4.   Current cleaning level
Use a cleaning service Do it yourself Have a live in helper
5.   Number of hours spent on housework each week
0 – 5 6 – 15 16 – 25 26 – 35 36+
6.   Do you regularly engage in spring cleaning?
Yes No
7.   How long does spring cleaning typically take you to complete?
Less than 1 day 1 full day A weekend A week
8.   Which of the following is your primary reason for regular cleaning?
To remove clutter/waste To give your house the thorough cleaning it needs
To remove asthma or allergy triggers To prevent the spread of illness
9.   Which of the following is your primary reason for choosing a regular/one time cleaning service?
Price Quality of work Use of non toxic products Recommendation
10.   Have you personally or have any members of your family felt a sense of improved wellbeing after adopting a green cleaning service or products?
Yes No Not sure
11.   As a consumer, how eco conscious are you?
Always More than most Sometimes Could do better Never
12.   Which of the following (if any) is your primary commitment at home
Recycling Buying locally produced food Reducing your consumption of consumables
Vegetarian only Saving electricity Minimising water wastage

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