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Your place of business is most likely where first impressions are formed by your clientele. What does your place of business say about your company? Is it clean, environmentally friendly, welcoming and safe environment? Green Cleaners can benefit your business, your staff and clients. By adopting a green cleaning program for your facility or office, you can focus on your core business activities whilst also joining the global market push towards Green and Sustainable business practices. Creating a toxic free working environment has proven to be incredibly successful in improving morale and productivity levels at work, reducing sick days and operational costs.

To clean ‘green’ it’s more than just using eco friendly chemicals in your office. The staff using those chemicals need to be ‘eco’ conscious. We can supply the professional eco-trained manpower and cleaning service for your office on a regular or ad hoc basis.


We provide bespoke specialist green cleaning services for Spas, Health Studios, Gyms, Learning Centres, Kindergartens, Schools, Serviced Apartments and Hotels through customised planning, services and deployment to achieve the highest standards of service and cleaning to protect health, without harming the environment.

Adopting a green cleaning solution for your facility may be eco-friendly and a good reason to change – but we want to help companies save money, and/or help them make money too. Being eco-friendly is icing on the cake. Adopting a green cleaning plan can be one of the best decisions you could make, by improving:

  Staff attendance / reduction in sick days
  Staff morale & productivity
  Company image with improved environmental responsibility

We work with businesses to help promote awareness of their environmentally sustainable and responsible practices. Indeed, many businesses are using their environmental responsibility as a savvy marketing tool to their staff, clients and suppliers. We work to develop and implement innovative campaign ideas together and encourage companies to feel satisfaction and gain community recognition for adopting a Green Cleaning Program.

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